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Monday, February 22, 2010

Bridal Show 2010

I have been stressing about this bridal show at the Best Western in Cobourg since I signed up for it in January. For those of you that know me, I tend to over-react a little. Yes, I said a little. I admit it, I was freaking out inside. I was so nervous that my booth was going to look amateur, that I was going to feel amateur, and that people would walk right on by. Well, I am not an amateur!! An Arabian Proverb (thanks Scarlett) says "Compete, don't envy" So, that's what I did. I held my head high, and believed in myself!!! I did not allow myself to be a shrinking Violet!! My dear friend Jen came to help me out and give me moral support. For that, I thank you. My mom and dad both stopped by to give their moral support as well. For that, I also thank you. To all the brides that stopped and complimented me on my photographs and inquired about my packages and helped me believe "I'm worth it" Thank-you.
Also, thank you to my new photography friends, whom without your continued support I wouldn't have made it through the day.

I've attached some of my pictures from the bridal show. I, a photographer, forgot my camera. I must say though that I'm pretty thankful that's all I forgot! The coordinator was gracious enough to snap a couple pics with her cell-phone and email them to me. The quality isn't the greatest, but you get the drift :)

This image seemed to be the most popular. It was my very first wedding, in Cuba!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I have some exciting news to share!! Late last Thursday evening I received a rather cryptic phone call from a highschool friend. She asked if I could dress kind of nice, bring my camera, and meet her at Victoria Hall at 2pm. Since I no longer have a day job (yay me!) I said "of course". Arrangements changed a bit beforehand and I met her at her house instead. I had let myself in and was waiting for her. Upon her arrival there was a bustle of activity, her two daughters were super excited and dolled all up. They told me they were heading out for a very special fancy dinner date. My friend asked me to take the girls upstairs and get their dresses on. A few rushed moments later, the girls were dressed and ready to go. THEN, the big surprise! My friend walked up the stairs in.......her WEDDING GOWN. Sandra was eloping!! The girls were sooo excited, they were crying and shrieking shrieks of joy! We headed to our town hall where her groom was patiently waiting (we of course were late). It was a very sweet ceremony and I was honored to capture their special day. Sandra, I wish you and Max the most glorious days of your lives. You truly, truly deserve it.

How sweet are these two girls???

I love her face in this shot!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fuzzy Wieners!

Okay, so many of you know that when photographing children I will count down 3, 2, 1 and say "fuzzy wieners". A photography teacher once said she did it, I tried it, and it made the kids laugh.
SO, while with my new friends (I use that word loosely) at a restaurant, they wanted me to take their picture. SO, I did the regular countdown. 3,2,1 and yelled FUZZY WIENERS!!! Well let me tell you. Americans have dirty minds!! A fuzzy wiener to them is not the same fuzzy wiener to me.
SO, with that said, I will no longer be using the term "fuzzy wiener" but instead will use the word "fuzzy pickle". Apparently since they fry those down there, it is an acceptable word :) Thanks to Vu Bui for reminding me of my eccentricism (yes, it's a word in my world) and telling me that I needed a #9 to add to yesterday's post. This post's for you :)

Here are a few shots of my retro girls. Kerry, you're super lucky that you hid while I took these "chin" pictures. I may have to photoshop a picture of you using the liquify key.

Ah, Balydia, what's got you so mesmerized?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Workshop Take 2

Let the sharing begin.

I learned a lot of things while being away that I'm going to fill you in on right now.

1) American's do not have Boxing Day. I know this may seem trivial to you, but to me, I was SHOCKED!!! In all my 33 years I had never heard such a thing! I'm going to have to have a little chat with my mother. I think it needs to be included in such talks as the Birds and the Bees.

2) a GPS will allow you to go in circles. And keep going in circles. It never tires. I however tire of hearing it tell me to go on the "motorway" when I'm already on the flippin "motorway", and I've been going in circles over and over again.

3) Contrary to popular belief, a motel manager will enter your room in the middle of the night, using her key, WHILE INTOXICATED.

4) I did not get bed bugs.

5) Toilets in the US Airports always think they need to flush while you are pulling your pants down. Each and every single time I went to the Loo the toilet flushed before I even started. Seriously!!

6) There should be a deodorant mandatory rule for the 3 seat wide airplanes. Small space + stinky pits = gagging passenger (moi)

7) The Bui Brothers are all that they are cracked up to be. Seriously people, they are full of grace and I don't use that word loosely. EVER!

8) There are many fun words that rhyme with Lydia. You can figure them out :)

Well, let's just leave it at that. I learned a lot of things while on my little vacay in Florida.
Fun times, Fun times.

Here are a few shots from our shoot with America's Next Top Model Winner Season 10 ( correct me if I'm wrong, I often am) Whitney Thompson!!! (Isn't she great as a brunette?)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Scarlett Lillian Workshop

Well, I'm back home and of course I was welcomed with many hugs and kisses. I was licked on the face, smelled in certain inappropriate areas and wet nosed one too many times. It's nice to be missed! The last few days were a complete whirlwind of activity. I left Thursday evening to drive BY MYSELF across the border to the Buffalo airport (much cheaper than Pearson). I then stayed in a hotel BY MYSELF. I then flew in not one, but two! airplanes, BY MYSELF. Both flights were delayed by weather of course. Then, I arrived in Jacksonville Florida where I was no longer BY MYSELF. I knew from the moment I got off the plane and met up with my amazing new friends that it was going to be a weekend to remember. I had a lot of preconceived notions about attending a workshop as I had never been to one before. Every minute was amazing. I gained so much valuable information from Scarlett but also from all of the fabulous photographers that attended. I even learned from the Bui Brothers. How fun is their name?
So I don't take up too much of your time with my rambles I will make this POST #1 of my Jacksonville adventures. Stay tuned for many more to come!

These two were our models for day #1.

Oh! We're testing out different logos right now, let me know what you think!!