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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Craziness!!

What a wonderful month December has been for my family and myself! God finally gave me the courage to leave my job of 14 years and be able to focus on being a mom. I love being a mom :)
December kept me very busy with family photoshoots and even one corporate photoshoot! This was my first year to not have to work the Statutory holiday's. Yippee!! I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it! Here are a few of my December shots. My studio is almost complete, not quite though, but there are a few studio shots attached as well :) I pray that each and every one of you also had the best Christmas of your lives and that you felt as blessed as I do!

Saturday, October 31, 2009


I truly believe that everyone needs a BFF. I am very blessed to say that I have 3 BFF's! They are always there when I need them yet give me space when I want it. They have my back, will scratch my back and also help put clothes on my back. Each one of them is a true inspiration in their own individual ways. If you ever meet them, you'll remember them :) Every year we get together for a "girl's weekend" and do something different each time. This year, we are heading to the heat for some sun and relaxation. One more sleep ladies, one more sleep!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving!

On a beautiful fall day I was graciously asked to shoot a family of 30 (plus one in the oven). Since I had already invited myself to their "wedding week" in Cuba, I already knew everyone there and was ready to take on the challenging wind, sun and shadows. Cuba was sooo awesome by the way. I would go back again in a heartbeat. The company wasn't so bad either! So, here is their "family" shot. Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

First Post

Wow! Life is a whirlwind! This is my very first post for my very first blog. Since I am the world's biggest procrastinator and I can't seem to start a website, I thought I'd give blogging a try. Please be patient with me as I truly will just have to wing it. I'm going to post a few of my summer and fall shoots and then will update regularly with my whirlwind life :) Stay tuned....

This most recent shoot was loads of fun. The wee little guy definitely kept me on my toes. I was entertained with skateboarding, biking, and LOTS of leaves.