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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Out of Office

I will be out of my office July 30th, 2010 and returning August 2nd, 2010. I will be second shooting a wedding with the oh so fun leeann marie of Pittsburgh.  I may or may not be returning emails, depending on whether or not my service provider will work in the U S of A.

So, getting ready for my out of office message I decide to post a picture of my beautiful daughter Ella. We had a fun mommy and daughter day getting manicures, going for bike rides, playing with 3D chalk, and face painting. Upon taking our perfect photo, I felt a weird sharp stab in my leg. I was like "AAAAHHH" and Ella was like "what?" , another stab and I was like "AAAHHHH" "TAKE MY CAMERA!!". So, she took my camera and she was like" AAAAHHHH!" and I was like "AAAAHHH!".
All in all I received 3 bee stings, and my precious baby girl received 2 bee stings. NOT the best way to end our fantabulous day. BUT, I did take her picture!

Monday, July 26, 2010

This is my life!

Today started out like any typical day at the Campbell Residence.  I wake up, I edit, I drink lots of coffee, I keep editing, and THEN!!!!! the fun begins. No matter how far behind I am or get, I am determined to enjoy my first summer off in 7 years. I am going to be a fun mom!!!! So today, after my morning routine, my 2 nephews and niece came over for the day. We headed to the chiptruck  salad store for lunch, picked 6 pints of blueberries at the blueberry patch (who knew!) and then went swimming in Little Lake.
When we returned home, I figured the boys could keep themselves entertained outside while I edited and the girls could do what girls do. 
After about 10 minutes I heard a lot of laughter from out front. This is what I found. If I'm not the coolest mom this summer for allowing this, then I give up!

 THEN!!!!!! The girls came out to see what all the noise was. I turned around to see "what girls do".

Such a lovely day at the Campbell Residence :)

Boy oh Boy!

I am behind. Not a little behind, not a lot behind. Just behind. SO, here I am, catching up.
Up next.....The Dafoe Family. Always a little daunting shooting a fellow photographer, but when all
was said and done, we had fun, and captured some memories.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Little Lauren

Seriously, how stinkin cute is this little girl. She has such a beautiful face, and a gentle soul. I think we picked the hottest day of the summer for her shoot, but she was a trooper.  Here are a few favourites from the session.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Flieler Family

The Flieler Family invited me to Port Perry for a family session. Lo and Behold, it started raining about 10 minutes into it.  They were such troopers sitting out there in the rain. Can't say my family would be so patient.....

Such beauty! (I'm partial to red-head's)

Took this lil fella quite a while to warm up to the camera.

You are never too old or have too much to do, to take a moment out for a photo with your mom and dad.

This poor little guy was just getting over the chicken pox!

Yep, still in love.

Way too pooped to party, this one was.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Berry

Finally I can show you some more fabulousness from Baxter Creek Golf Club.  
Thank you once again for letting me share in your oh so fabulous day. I hope it was everything you'd dreamed of and more.