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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Preik Kids

Well since I can't do a whole lot of moving, I figured I could at least catch up on my blog posts.
The Preik boys,  are busy boys. Earlier on in the day I had taken my kids to the Cobourg Beach, where we ran into the Preik Boys. Hours later, a sunburn or two and no nap looking eyes, they arrived for their family pictures. Luckily for them, they are so cute with their beautiful blond hair, fair skin and blue eyes,  that they totally pulled it off. Trains are an obsession the youngest boy has so that's where we started our journey, and we ended our journey, back at the beach.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Poor Poor Pitiful Me

Well as some of you may know, I have injured my back. At hockey on Monday night, I felt something very sharp on the lower left hand side of my back (after I got the first goal of the game.....yep, I'm proud). I tried to skate off to no avail, so I pulled myself with my stick to the door, where the referee let me out. None of my players had any idea what was going on at this point. I got out, and fell face first on the concrete *safely though, with all of my equipment to protect me*.  There I lay with 4 minutes left to play in the game. Crying. Hard. On the concrete. On my belly. After the game, people came to see why this strange woman was laying face first on the floor and helped me to my side. Unfortunately for me, the arena's protocol is that if you can't get up unaided they have to call an ambulance. So, to my dismay, I took my first ride in an ambulance in 30 years. Off to emerg I go, begging the paramedics to cover my face with the sheet so nobody would know it was me. *they didn't think I was funny by the way*. At the hospital I was told that it was likely a pulled muscle, they gave me a shot of something in my upper arm muscle and said hold off for a bit, then try to get up and you can head home.
After about 3 hours of trying to get up, and not making it more than a couple of inches, I gave it my all, and VOILA, pass out on the bed. I totally told her I'd pass out. Yep, score one for me. So, at this point they reassessed the situation and decided that I needed to be hooked up to IV to fill me up with morphine.  Morphine, Tylenol 3's, Cyclo something, and Keto something, and I STILL was in pain. Next up MRI. This is where they found that it was not actually a pulled muscle, it was however, a disc protrusion in my lower back. So, here I lay, in my bed, with my laptop, and my dogs, and my kids, writing this blog post.
I truly can't thank you enough to those of you that I've had to cancel or re-schedule this week. Believe me when I say I'd much rather be shooting, then laying here, on my back, in my bed.........

So with that, I thought I'd leave you with a picture, cause what's a photography blog without a picture right?....... Now many of you would look at this and think it's blurry, out of focus and not worth keeping. I on the other hand, feel that it captures my dog's energy more than I would ever be able to describe in words.

Friday, October 15, 2010


You know how every single mom looks at their child and thinks they are absolutely beautiful? Is it weird that I look at someone else's child and think the same thing? This little girl is stunning, Simply gorgeous.
This day is by far the coldest that I have shot in this fall. But this little girl is a trooper, and you'd never know that it felt like it was going to snow like "any second!"
This shoot was for an upcoming birthday present, What a great gift to receive from your sister.  Here is your sneak peek Auntie, thanks for driving down and standing in the blistery wind for this, it was fun.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Baby Breckin

Oh Breckin, what can I say about sweet little Breckin?? Breckin is a feisty little one, she loves her mama and wants to suckle ALL the time. Can you blame her really?

Look at this sweet little face.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

America's Next Top What? Week 4

UGH!!!!!!!! Seriously people. This was not a good idea. I have struggled with this one for the past 6 days. My goal was to always have the previous weeks shoot done and posted by the next weeks show. I have put this off, and put this off. I really struggled with this one. I don't have a wrestler, and I don't wear those kinds of clothes. I'm a big girl. Seriously, any person that can eat KFC for 14 years, then quit, stop eating it, and gain weight, has issues. Yep, that's me, I'll just be the Subway Jarod of KFC..... okay, rant over. Here is my interpretation of last weeks America's Next Top Model. I did not use a funky chicken wrestler, nor did I use a wrestling ring. Let's just say that Photoshop has been my friend this time.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mr.and Mrs. McLean

Quick Sneak Peek for Mr. and Mrs. McLean. Congratulations! You couldn't have picked a more beautiful fall day, it was filled with love and laughter.  More pictures to come in the upcoming weeks.
Enjoy your Mexican Fiesta.

Happy Anniversary

Two years ago a girl took a chance on me. She knew full well what kind of a chance she was taking, but she took it anyways. Two years ago today I photographed my very first paid wedding with my best friend by my side.  As I sit here getting ready to shoot another wedding today, I can't help but remember the butterflies in my stomach on that day, the nerves were almost unbearable. Was I going to succeed? What if she hates the pictures? What if she hates me? Lucky for me I had Kelly by my side to calm me down, to tell me that I was going to succeed, that she won't hate the pictures, and that she won't hate me....well if she does, she won't tell you.
Sarah was willing to give me a shot, my first shot, and for that I truly thank her. Because without that opportunity I wouldn't be where I am today. So, Happy Anniversary Sarah and Matt, thank you so much for allowing me to capture one of the most important days of your lives. Sarah, I'm so happy to call you my friend now.
Still to this day I can't believe that I get to do something I absolutely love and get paid for it. It's amazing.
Here are a couple of pictures from their wedding two years ago.

One of my most favourite photographs of all time.

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Bevis Family

A quick jaunt to Port Perry today to shoot this fun family. Such a beautiful drive with all of the gorgeous fall colours. Here's your peek, Bevis Family. Thanks for the hike (oh, and the snakes!)

Sadie is an avalanche rescue dog in British Columbia. She listens soooo well.
Such a fun idea :)

The Held Family

One quick peek for the Held Family. Such a great location, I loved every minute of it. Check back later for more pictures from this session.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cunningham Family

This little one gave me a run for my money. She's quite possibly the smartest little one I ever need meet, but when it came to smiling......she didn't want a whole lot to do with me and my big ole camera.
But, with that said, look how stinkin cute she is.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

America's Next Top What? Week 3

This week on America's Next Top Model the girls had a challenge photoshoot as well as their regular photoshoot. First up is the regular shoot. Here, the girls were put into some sort of water contraption to be photographed by photographer Matthew Rolsten.  So, the challenge for me was to shoot through water without actually being in water. I would like to say a special thanks to my mom for the window pane idea, and a special thanks to Dawson for holding my camera for me and one more thanks to Ella for flicking the water to try and get ripples. Here you go, week three is up!

This photo I'm about to show you could be the scariest one of me you will ever in your entire lives EVER see. The challenge was to pose while riding a rollercoaster. Here, is my pose. Feel free to laugh out loud at this point, the louder the better.

I can't even BELIEVE I just posted this for people to see. OH-MY-WORD. Still laughing......