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Monday, March 1, 2010

Blissful Babies

I have been so blessed this past week to photograph so many super cute, adorable, squishy babies. Some may cry, some may pee, and some may scream at the top of their wee little lungs, BUT, they were all so amazingingly good ( yes, I know, that's not a real word ) in their own special way.

Meet Mia, just about 3 weeks old.
Isn't she the cutest little froggie you ever did see?

And look at that sweet little baby blister. *sigh*

Just "hangin" around.....

And, meet Mr. Lennon. All but 10 days old....
Sooo sleepy when he first came in.

Not so sleepy by the time he left :(


So happy to finally make use of some wood....

Up next, meet 9 day old Cooper.

To say the least, I think poor Cooper would be happy never to see me again. Such a sweet little man.

To all you beautiful moms and dads: enjoy every little inch of these precious babies. The time they are small is so short. The dynamics of your family has changed. Things are a wee bit sweeter, a wee bit softer, a wee bit busier, but a whole lot AMAZING.