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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Out of Office

I will be out of my office July 30th, 2010 and returning August 2nd, 2010. I will be second shooting a wedding with the oh so fun leeann marie of Pittsburgh.  I may or may not be returning emails, depending on whether or not my service provider will work in the U S of A.

So, getting ready for my out of office message I decide to post a picture of my beautiful daughter Ella. We had a fun mommy and daughter day getting manicures, going for bike rides, playing with 3D chalk, and face painting. Upon taking our perfect photo, I felt a weird sharp stab in my leg. I was like "AAAAHHH" and Ella was like "what?" , another stab and I was like "AAAHHHH" "TAKE MY CAMERA!!". So, she took my camera and she was like" AAAAHHHH!" and I was like "AAAAHHH!".
All in all I received 3 bee stings, and my precious baby girl received 2 bee stings. NOT the best way to end our fantabulous day. BUT, I did take her picture!

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