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Thursday, February 18, 2010

I have some exciting news to share!! Late last Thursday evening I received a rather cryptic phone call from a highschool friend. She asked if I could dress kind of nice, bring my camera, and meet her at Victoria Hall at 2pm. Since I no longer have a day job (yay me!) I said "of course". Arrangements changed a bit beforehand and I met her at her house instead. I had let myself in and was waiting for her. Upon her arrival there was a bustle of activity, her two daughters were super excited and dolled all up. They told me they were heading out for a very special fancy dinner date. My friend asked me to take the girls upstairs and get their dresses on. A few rushed moments later, the girls were dressed and ready to go. THEN, the big surprise! My friend walked up the stairs in.......her WEDDING GOWN. Sandra was eloping!! The girls were sooo excited, they were crying and shrieking shrieks of joy! We headed to our town hall where her groom was patiently waiting (we of course were late). It was a very sweet ceremony and I was honored to capture their special day. Sandra, I wish you and Max the most glorious days of your lives. You truly, truly deserve it.

How sweet are these two girls???

I love her face in this shot!


  1. WOW! How cool is that? Such a sweet surprise... Your photos are beautiful, Erin. No wonder she asked you to photograph such an amazing day -- she needed the perfect photographer!

  2. How awesome Erin! You did a great job capturing such a special moment. I absolutely LOVE the shot with them by the cool doors!!!!