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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Oh Dear!

Sometimes I get a little excitable. Maybe a little too excitable, which is possibly why I am such a klutz, I get so into the "moment" that I don't see what's going on around me. (if you're laughing right now, you know me really well). I will discuss my combine accident in a later post, because this post is saved for this family. Today's light was delish. Yes, I said delish. I don't care how corny. Nor did I care how lame I sounded when I kept telling this little beauty how gorgeous she was today. LOOK AT HER.  I'm not sure if my fetish with her beauty is because she looks so much like Ella (my daughter) or if it's because she is sooooo cute!. Either way, I could have continued to photograph these two darlings, the ENTIRE day.

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