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Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Little Man

Well my little man came home excited to show me what they are learning in class. They are learning about blogs, and how to express yourself. So, without further ado (I had to check the spelling on that one), I plug my oldest child's new official blog. "D Awesomest Blog" here.
He is going to write mainly about his race season (May-Oct) and I really have no idea what else, I'm almost afraid to read it! He's getting to be that age.......... So please, if you have a minute, read this poor boy's blog. I just love him to bits! (they read my blog in class today, I'm hoping they read it tomorrow so I can embarrass him) Love you hunny, soooooooo much. Muah!

Stole this one from Angie's facebook. LOVE IT! This feels like yesterday to me....*sigh*


  1. So cute!! Awww Dawson what a handsome boy!!! :P

  2. Hi Erin, just drove by your house and was thinking about you, wondering how your back is and wanting to finally check and see if you had a website!! Well obviously I found it!! Awesome photos, hope you are feeling better!!
    Susan Cameron