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Friday, June 25, 2010

The Many Faces of Cooper

So I decided to google the meaning of the name "Cooper".  I was hoping for something fun like  prince of laughter, or beloved child, or straight and narrow. Instead I got, Barrel Maker. Seriously?? So, I googled it again, and then again, and one more time to be sure. Yep, Cooper is a Barrel Maker. So then, I decided to google "Barrel Maker".   Lo and behold, up comes the name Cooper.  I can't win with this one. It reads: "Today, the profession of the cooper is synonymous with the wine and spirits industry where the cooper assembles casks and operates machinery that builds barrels." Well, I guess that's kind of fun right?  The builder of wine and spirits barrels? 
Regardless of what his name means, I'm positive Cooper is going to be a devoted son that dotes on his mom, and plays without boundaries. His energy is contagious and his smile mischievous.  Enjoy!

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