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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Family Fun

Tanya and I were what people call "fast friends". As soon as we starting talking, we both knew that we were going to hit it off.  Tanya was newish to the Cobourg area and joined the women's soccer league, which landed her on my team (sorry for your luck!). Right away, we were friends. Then, we were lucky enough to score being on the same team again last year. Hopefully our soccer convener will be reading this, and put us on the same team again this year..... (hint, hint Yvonne).
Well it was time for Tanya to get her family portraits done, so we headed to Cobourg Beach just as the sun was going down....sooooo pretty. Look at all of these gorgeous girls. FOUR to be exact!! Poor Wally has to live with 5 girls (no wonder he works so much) :)  Thank you so much for letting me capture these memories for you. I hope you enjoy. xoxo

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