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Monday, April 12, 2010

New York! New York!

I am a terrible blogger. Half the time I don't know what to say, the other half, I get distracted and simply forget. *squirrel!* So, here I am, ready to do another post! I am way behind on blogging so will catch up with my most recent sessions this upcoming week. But first, I'd like to do a little post about this past weekend.
My most generous in-laws blessed us with a trip to New York City for our Christmas present a couple of years ago and life got in the way of us going. Death, babies, jobs etc. So, my sister-in-law Chantal and I finally took our long awaited journey.  Bright and early Thursday morning we headed to Porter Airport (on the island). Traffic and rain made our drive a long one, but we were so excited it went super quick.
We were very excited to see that the flight said "early" on the board so we ran through the airport to get to the counter in order to not be late. Welllllll.....if anyone knows what it's like to fly with me, NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING goes my way on flight day. The flight was not early, instead it was delayed and then a few minutes later, CANCELED.!  Yep, our flight to NYC was canceled due to rain!!
Ugh, what a drag. BUT, we were still in good spirits, knowing full well that no matter what, "we were going to NYC today". Porter Airlines was fantastic and shuttled us over to Pearson International Airport and took us directly to our teeny weeny little plane.
SO, at this point, we are about 4 hours behind schedule, hungry (there's no food at that airport) but still excited! 
We arrived safe and sound and took our 45 minute cab ride to our hotel. S-C-A-R-I-E-S-T ride of my entire life. A few minutes in I knew that in order to make it to the hotel I would not be able to look out the front window. Seriously people, cabbies are faster. more aggressive drivers than Nascar.  Park Avenue, aaahhh. Did I say Park Avenue?  That's where our fabulous hotel was. It was super chic and the concierge was amazing!! Oh, and did I mention that at this point we had driven a car, taken two ferry rides, been on a bus, been on a plane, and been in a cab? Planes, trains and automobiles.....
Okay, well I won't drone on and on about our entire weekend but I will tell you our highlights of the weekend. (touristy things we saw and did)
* empire state building (glad I saw it, but it didn't excite me really)
* double decker bus
* Roxy's at Time's Square (biggest and I mean BIGGEST corn beef sandwiches EVER)
* Central Park (so pretty and quaint)
* ground zero ( I really thought it was going to 'move' me but it's a construction site now:( so I was bummed)
* St.Patrick's Cathedral (soooooooo super amazing. I was in awe)
* Broadway show-AMAZING!! (loved every second of it and it was my first time!)
* shop, shop, shop ( yep, we did lots of that )
* walk, walk, walk ( seriously, we must've walked like 20 miles in 3 days )
* Trump Towers ( expensive looking, DUH!)
* massage (ahhhhh)
* spend quality time together (so nice, cheesy but true)
* NYC subway at rushhour on a Friday. ( you need to shower after you get off )

                                                             St.Patrick's Cathedral.

                                  If you look really closely you can see our hands below the arrow.

This was soooo cool. You take a piece of paper, you write your hopes and dreams for the next year, then on NewYear's Eve when the ball drops at Time's Square, all of the paper falls out like confetti.

                                        I think Jen and Kelly were there, and wrote this one :)

                                                                     Times Square

                                          Times Square again, but on Saturday night

                                        Me: OH MY GOODNESS HE'S GOING TO JUMP!
                                           Double decker guide: No, it's spider-man......

                                       Oh the things we'll do when we're on vacation.....

                     Oh the things your sister-in-law will make you do when you're on vacation............

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